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You're broke but need money, sick and can't work, feeling the financial strains crushing down but your paycheck is ten long days away - what can you do? What should you do? Should you take the hit or get help? Turn away or stand strong? Should you consider us as a viable resource or look to the heavens for financial assistance? We are About Cash Loans, and we are here to give you the information you need to make a solid, financially sound, intelligent decision about borrowing and the online payday loan.

What We Do

We give you the best and most relevant information about the cash advance industry so you make better choices. It is almost impossibly to deny that there is a problem with borrowing in our society, and we feel that only through your education and understanding of these financial resources will you make better judgments:

We are here for you

There really is no one else out there looking after your best interests quite to the extent as About Cash Loans. Lenders tell you one thing, consumer advocacy groups another - there has been a reliable source for actual, pertinent, unbiased information about the industry - until now, until About Cash Loans. We will show you the entire process in detail. We want you to understand the payday loan from your initial need for money until your complete repayment - so you have a better understanding of what these loans mean and what effects they can have on your personal finances.

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